Lifeline (Single)

by Dear Future Self

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New life, new friends,
gotta keep moving on
New style, new trends,
this is what living's for
My past behind, but that is fine
I'm ready for a twist of fate, oh

This change of pace is what I really need
More of the same's not what I wanna see
And now I'm glad I found
Something that counts
And buried my worries

It feels like Sunday afternoon
When I had all the time to spare
Then I hear my old friends saying
Whoa oh oh oh oh
Keep on movin'

And find the light
We're right behind
We have not forgotten you
Yesterday, has gone away
But we'll be right here for you
I'm not who you think I am
I'm meant for so much more
A thrill without you's
what I'm looking for


I have new friends,
I don't need anyone
Everything's fine,
I don't care what they want
I'll handle this myself
I don't need help
Why do they have to worry?

But one day I found myself in need
Yet no one heard my call
My dreams were crushed before my eyes
I really thought I had things under control!

Help me!
I'm trapped in a pit of lies!
Save me!
'Cause I don't know if I can win this time!

And someone came
The friends I pushed away with no remorse
They came for me
And gave hope to me
After the things I did
They still reached out to me

So I sing oh oh oh!
There's hope for me
They turned a blind eye to
my past mistakes
And came for me
They showed love to me, oh
Now there's hope for me, yeah
There's hope for me


released November 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Dear Future Self Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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